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ѧ (Mars)
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Ǩѧ§繡ǡѺҹ, ѧ繷跴ͺͧԴҧԵ͡šͧ. ä鹾ҡȾͧѧ÷ѡɳ繪Թͷº鹼繷Ӥѭ, ͧҡѹҨӤѭ觺֧͡ԴͧԵʹյ.
Ǩѧ§繡ǡѺҹ, ѧ繷跴ͺͧԴҧԵ͡šͧ. ä鹾ҡȾͧѧ÷ѡɳ繪Թͷº鹼繷Ӥѭ, ͧҡѹҨӤѭ觺֧͡ԴͧԵʹյ.
ҡҹҧԷʵѧѺªҡǨѧҧҡ, ੾С֡ҷҧʵзѾҡøó. ʶҹʹյ "" (Mars Rover) ӡǨػ¹áԨǨҧǡ

out of curiosity He walked over and asked the mahout that was in the area. Why does the elephant just stand there? Don't you plan to run away?"

The mahout then replied: When they were still young. It was tied with the same size rope. And at his age it was considered tight enough. Even as they grew older, this thin rope still bound their legs. causing them to still not think of running away Because their hearts already believed That this thin rope makes it impossible to escape anywhere.

The only reason why the elephant didn't run away That is, the heart believes that there is no way it can be. that it can escape

Thought: It doesn't matter how many problems in this world hold you back. Move forward with confidence that what you want to do is possible. Belief will make you successful. And belief is the most important part in achieving goals.

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